About Us

BBR Ltd. was established in 1995. Our company supplies upholstery and decorative textiles from EU manufacturers.

Company managers are Lilia Bojilova and Peter Bojilov.


BBR Ltd. has a rich collection of textiles in stock for the entire spectrum of interior furnishing. We constantly renew our stocks with the latest collections
of our suppliers.

Working hours:
Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The following companies are currently regular suppliers of BBR Ltd.:


YEBANE ESPANOLA: plains and jacquards, voile curtains and jacquard organza

TEXTILES VILBER: printed textiles, organza, devore, printed voile

AZNAR TEXTIL: plains and jacquards, organza and devore, blackout, FR fabrics

PEMESA: semi-transparent textiles for sheers

YUTE’S: semi-transparent sheers with linen and yuta

TEXTILES FRAU PEREZ: jacquard fabrics

REIG MARTI: printed textiles with children's patterns

ESCRIG: jacquard fabrics

JUAN CAMPOS: printed textiles

BC FABRICS: jacquard fabrics, printed textiles


ALGEMENE TWO: heavy type jacquard fabrics, velvets and jacquard-velvets

VERSTRAETE & VERBAUWEDE: classic jacquard-velvets and velvets


ENZO DEGLI ANGIUONI: high class jacquard upholstery fabrics including outdoor and flame-retardant (FR) textiles

GIBER: high class sheers and curtains


J. A. RAYMAKERS & CO: unicolour plain and embossed velvets


ENGELBERT E. STIEGER: high class sheers and curtains


CASADECO: high class upholstery, curtains and sheers; custom made interior solutions


BBR Ltd's retail store is located at: 54 "G. S. Rakovsky" Str, Sofia. Here we take orders for sewing of sheers, curtains, bedcovers, blinds, decorative pillows and others. According to the customer's wishes we do consultations at site, as well as mounting of curtain-ledges, blinds and curtains.

We also work as wholesalers, supplying our regular partners - furniture manufacturers, sewing companies and decorative textile merchants throughout the country.

At the same time BBR Ltd. is active on the contract market supplying hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, nightclubs and other public buildings with decorative textiles. An additional service is the sewing of curtains, sheers and bedcovers.

Regular customers of the company are the Presidential Institution and the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria, as well as the Bulgarian National Bank and a number of other institutions and embassies.

Here is a list of some of the notable public buildings having used upholstery and decorative textiles supplied by BBR Ltd., as well as some regular customers of the company - institutions and embassies.


  1. Kempinski Hotel Zografski - Sofia: - main restaurant - 1st floor - restaurant "Panorama" (partly); all hotel rooms - furniture, bedcovers, curtains
  2. Sheraton Hotel Balkan - Sofia: - sofas for lobbies and rooms
  3. Krim Restaurant - Sofia
  4. Uno restaurant - Sofia, Uno Enoteka, Sofia
  5. Restaurant at the Diplomatic club - Gorna Banya
  6. Restaurant at the Diplomatic club - Boyana (partly)
  7. Shamrok Irish Pub - Sofia
  8. French-cafe - Sofia
  9. Luciano public houses - Sofia
  10. Atlantic Hotel - Simeonovo (partly)
  11. Odadjiiski Hotel - Dragalevci (restaurant)
  12. Pamporovo Hotel - Pamporovo (entire hotel rooms)
  13. Sveta Elena Hotel - Stoikite village (near Pamporovo)
  14. Dunav Hotel - Russe (restaurant and 2 floors of hotel rooms)
  15. Lilya Hotel - Zlatni Pyasaci (entire hotel rooms)
  16. Hotel complex Riviere - Varna (restaurants, hotel rooms and conference room)
  17. Laguna Park Hotel - Slanchev Bryag (curtains)
  18. Sanct Peterbourg Hotel - Plovdiv (partial supplies)
  19. Vereya Hotel - Stara Zagora (pastry shop and bar)
  20. Augusta Hotel - Hisarya (entire hotel rooms)
  21. Hotel at Zlatni Pyasaci of Sof-Stock Holding
  22. Lyulyaka Hotel - Arbanassi village
  23. Grand Hotel Varna (two floors of hotel rooms)
  24. Hotel complex Dyuni (entire hotel rooms)
  25. Zdravets Hotel - Zlatni Pyasaci (hotel rooms)
  26. Siniger Hotel - Zlatni Pyasaci (hotel rooms)
  27. Rai Hotel - Slanchev Bryag
  28. Chaika Hotel - Slanchev Bryag
  29. Lebed Hotel - St St Konstantin and Elena (entirely)
  30. Arabela Hotel - Zlatni Pyasaci (entirely)
  31. Appartment house Sofia
  32. Bor Hotel - Slanchev Bryag (lobby bar)
  33. "Otvad aleyata, zad shkafa" Restaurant - Sofia
  34. Hotel Sezoni - Tryavna
  35. Perla Beach Hotel- Primorsko
  36. Hotel Kuban - Slanchev Bryag
  37. Appartment House Iztok - Sofia
  38. MEG Hotel - Sofia
  39. Pastry Shop "Nedelya"
  40. Club-restaurant "Dali"
  41. Murgavets Hotel - Smolyan (restaurant)
  42. Restaurant chain - Pizza "Victoria"
  43. "Captain Cook" Restaurant - Sofia
  44. Dvoretsa Hotel - Velingrad
  45. Hotel complex Maxi - Sofia - appartments, restaurants, lobby bar
  46. Miss Kapriz Pizza
  47. Unicato Hotel - Stara Zagora
  48. Glazne Hotel - Bansko (all rooms and appartments)
  49. Avrora Hotel - Zlatni Pyasaci
  50. Hotel complex of TUI in Evsinograd
  51. Hotel of "KEN" Company - Stara Zagora
  52. Grand Hotel Sofia - lobby bar, lobbies, restaurants
  53. National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" - classic furniture in lobbies
  54. Restaurants McDonald's in Sofia
  55. Almond Hotel - Karlovo
  56. Park-hotel Vitosha in Studentski grad - Sofia
  57. Nona Hotel - Albena
  58. Meridian Hotel - Sunny Beach
  59. Greenville Hotel - SofiaLand
  60. Friends Hotel - Bansko
  61. Todorini Kuli Hotel - Bansko
  62. Velina Hotel - Velingrad
  63. Apartments 'Royal Towers' - Bansko
  64. Hotel 'Belmont' - Bansko
  65. Hotel complex 'White Picks' - Bansko
  66. Hotel "Blue Bay" - Primorsko
  67. Hotel "Panorama" - Albena
  68. Hotel "Orlov" - Albena
  69. Hotel complex "Gergana" - Albena
  70. Grand Hotel Primorsko - Primorsko
  71. Hotel complex "Hermes" - Tsarevo
  72. Hotel "Tempo" - Pazardjick
  73. Golf-Complex "BlackSeaRama" - 13 Houses
  74. Hotel "Vega" - Sofia
  75. Hotel "Hadjiite" - Koprivshtitsa
  76. Hotel "Obzor" - Zlatni Pyasaci
  77. Hotel "Lucky" - Bansko
  78. Hotel "Golf Resort" - Varna
  79. Hotel "COOP" - Sofia
  80. Restaurant chain - Pizza "Lachoni"


  • Presidential Institution
  • Council of Ministers (the main building in Sofia, Evksinograd Residence, Boyana Residence)
  • Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture
  • International Monetary Fund Residence
  • Bulgarian National Bank
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Central Cooperative Bank
  • Embassies: USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Belgium, Korea Republic, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Sudan

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Is it possible for one of your consultants to come to my home to take measurements for curtains or blinds?
Yes, BBR offers this service, when you order more than just one-two curtains/sheers, in other words,...

I have a cat (dog), what do you suggest as a strong type of upholstery?
Our consultants will inform you which textiles are of highest resistance to wearing out (as measured...


  • SEWING of curtains, sheers, bedcovers, tablecloths
  • SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of curtain-ledges
  • Instructions on how to CLEAN the different TEXTILES