Services we offer

You can rely on the following services, offered in our shop:

  • Advice on choosing the right textile for upholstery, curtains, sheers, blinds, tablecloths, bedcovers, sofa covers, etc. to suit your specific needs

If you need a hand, we would be happy to help you find your way through the plethora of models. Our consultants are at your disposal for all questions you may have in regard to textiles, curtain-ledges, mechanics of blinds and more. While discussing your ideas, we will be able to make your choice easier and suited to your personal preferences.

  • Advice on choosing the right curtain-ledges and mounting them, as well as on mechanics of blinds

In our shop you can receive detailed information about choosing the right curtain-ledges or mechanics for your blinds, as well as useful tips on how to mount them correctly. We find solutions for any challenges - construction-based (windows without a straight shape, oval walls, the need to go around columns, etc.) or technical (taking into account furniture built in the wall, radiator grilles, closeness to heating bodies, etc.)

  • Offering samples of textiles, so that you can make the right choice in your specific environment

Would you like to get some extra assurance that you have chosen the right textile? Would you like to be able to compare the type of cloth and colour of your chosen models with the specific floor covering, colour of the walls, colour of the furniture in your home? For your convenience we offer standard samples, that you can take home for an agreed period of time against a deposit.

  • Sewing of curtains, sheers, blinds, bedcovers, tablecloths with measures taken by you

When you choose a textile from us, you can take advantage of our service of sewing of curtains, sheers, blinds, bedcovers, tablecloths, pillows. When we work with measures that have been taken by you, we need the following parameters (see the drawing here>>). We recommend the use of a measuring tape.

This service can be performed after the completion of a written order in our shop. This order is form based and equals a written contract.

  • Taking measures for sewing of curtains, sheers and blinds for complete housing sites

When you are undertaking textile-furnishing of an apartment, house, office, restaurant or hotel, you can count on our support. If needed, we will gladly visit your premises and after consultation on the site about positioning and choice of specific type of curtain-ledges and textiles, our specialists will take all measures required for you free of charge. Our service “sewing and mounting” can commence after approval of your offer and signing of the order.

  • Supply and fitting of curtains, sheers and blinds

If you wish, we perform fittings of the products we have supplied for you at the premises they were ordered for. This service is at an extra charge.

  • Supply and mounting of curtain-ledges and mechanisms for blinds

When you order curtain-ledges or mechanisms for blinds we would be happy to assemble and mount them, at a time suitable for you, at an extra charge.

  • Written instructions for cleaning the textiles

An important factor for preserving the quality of the textiles during use is the correct way of cleaning. According to the specific fabric and structure, the textiles show different reactions upon treatment. When you order a textile in our shop, you receive a written guide-sheet for its correct treatment.


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  • SEWING of curtains, sheers, bedcovers, tablecloths
  • SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of curtain-ledges
  • Instructions on how to CLEAN the different TEXTILES