Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have this textile in stock?
Yes, all textiles which are shown as samples or rolls in our shop are available in stock, either at the store or in our BBR warehouses in Sofia. In rare cases when we are temporarily out of stock of a certain textile, we do supply it within a period of two to three weeks.

Can I get a sample to take home with me?
Yes, samples of all textiles are offered to our clients against a deposit.

How do I look after this textile?
Information on looking after and cleaning any type of textile purchased from us is available in our shop from one of our consultants. When you make a purchase, you will also receive a written instruction-sheet.

I have a cat (dog), what do you suggest as a strong type of upholstery?
Our consultants will inform you which textiles are of highest resistance to wearing out (as measured with the test of Martindale). However, please keep in mind that no textile that is 100% resistant to extensive repetitive force by claws of dogs or cats has yet been created.

What do I need to know before I get any type of curtain?
You will save plenty of time if you know the length of your curtain-ledges, which are to carry the curtain as well as the length of the desired curtain. This is the minimum information to get started and the information we need to know in order to be able to calculate the final price of your order.

Is it possible for one of your consultants to come to my home to take measurements for curtains or blinds?
Yes, BBR offers this service, when you order more than just one-two curtains/sheers, in other words, when it's a case of curtains for a whole apartment or house. This service is free of charge.

I prefer sleeping in completely dark rooms. Do you have blackout curtains?
Yes, in our shop we offer spanish 100% blackout textiles also called "blackout".

Do you sew sheers (bedcovers, blinds)?
Yes, when you order textiles in our store, BBR also takes orders for sewing of curtains, bedcovers, sheers and textile-type blinds.

Do you have curtain-ledges / mechanisms for blinds?
Yes, BBR is a distributor of several types of curtain-ledge systems and mechanisms for blinds from leading providers - german manufacturer "Gardinia", the italian manufacturer "Motura", and the greek manufacturer "Domus".

Can you fit my curtain-ledges (blinds, curtains)?
Yes, when you get them at our store, we can install them for you at an extra charge.

What is an "outdoor textile"?
These are jacquard-type and printed textile type textiles which contain special fabrics and/or have been prepared in a robust way, allowing them to preserve their high quality in outdoor conditions - rain and direct sunlight. An important addition: these textiles are not water resistant, but they don't change their firmness or colors even after repeated wetting and drying in sun light.

What is "teflonated textile"?
This is a textile that has undergone a specific technical treatment that makes it water repellent. Water drops remain on the surface without entering into the fabric.

What is velvet?
Without going into much technical detail, from terminological point of view, velvet is basically a synonym for "plush".

Do you have special offers?
Yes, in the shop we constantly have special offers of up to 40% price reductions compared to the original price. These are textiles from previous collections of our leading textile manufacturers, that are not present in their current collections.

Can I pay by Credit Card?
Yes, in our store we have a terminal where you can pay by credit card. We accept payments with VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO.

Do you have another store?
No, we don't. Our main store is located at "G. S. Rakovsky" Street 54 in Sofia.


  • SEWING of curtains, sheers, bedcovers, tablecloths
  • SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of curtain-ledges
  • Instructions on how to CLEAN the different TEXTILES