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We are wholesaler and retailer of decorative fabrics from Western
Europe – Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and France.
We offer a wide range of models – right from our shop Harmonia
in Sofia, G.S. Rakovski str. 54.

All fabrics on display in the shop are available in stock.

At our store's office you have an aditionnal choice of fabrics which can be ordered on cut lenght.

A large part of our product range is displayed on this website. To browse through available Models click here >>

You can find a wide selection of:
- Home textiles (upholstery, curtains, sheers, blackout)
- Outdoor textiles

Contract Market Information: For your hotel / restaurant / office BBR offers
a wide selection of models, including flame-retardant fabrics. The delivery time is 3-6 weeks, depending on quantity and chosen models.

Latest News

4 ideas for Christmas decoration - December 2017

1. Joy


2. Christmas magic


3. Hope


4. Love


Black Friday sales

25% off on all Christmas decorative fabrics - only on Friday, 24th of November! Waiting for you in our shop!

Scent of a Christmas - November 2017

Get ready on time for Christmas! In our shop « Harmonia », G.S. Rakovsky 54 Str. (Sofia), you will find a big choice of christmas decorative fabrics, suitable for tablecloths, curtains and cushions. We provide also sewing services (based on textiles you choose in our store) as well as delivery in all the country.

Christmas Collection - Alegria
Christmas Collection - Amore
Christmas Collection - Christmas
Christmas Collection - Cuentos
Christmas Collection - Frozen
Christmas Collection - Lazos
Christmas Collection - Lucky
Christmas Collection - Nadal
Christmas Collection - Natividad
Christmas Collection - Patwork Bird
Christmas Collection - Piñas
Christmas Collection - Polar
Christmas Collection - Stella
Christmas Collection - Turron
Christmas Collection - Zermat

Spanish upholstery - Classics & Modernism - July 2017

Lisboa-Lusitano-Salerno: 3 classical designs, 7 colours, jacquard-satin,
50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.


Calypso-Callas: 2 geometrical designs, 4 coloured combinations.
Coordination tip: sofa cover Callas with decorative cushions Calypso.


Medici: teflonated jacquard, 12 colours, suitable for upholstery, curtains, bedcovers, tablecloths, decorative cushions.


New printed and outdoor fabrics - May 2017

Our printed textiles’ collection keeps getting bigger! Here are 4 new models - Mariquitas, Pontiac, Vichy and Drops. The last one is water repellent, so it is perfectly suitable for tablecloths.


3 new sailor designs are also available:

 Max Marina

Last but not least - the outdoor TOLDO textile has now 2 new colours - 4B and 112.


Big discount on more than 200 models - 6-31/03/2017


New fabrics - January 2017

We start the year by adding with some new models to our offer.

For those of you who prefer natural fibers, here are two Spanish
semi-transparent sheers
: « Zoe » - 40% Linen and « Lamuna » -
83% Jute & 2% Linen:


Sleep tight thanks to the elegant printed blackout curtains by Aznar Textil:

 Must have

Last but not least - a Belgian jacquard-velvet upholstery in 4 colours
(+ 1 plane to be coordinated with each one of them):


Happy Holidays !

Custom Interior Solutions - for extra choice

A new home? Wanting to completely change the look and feel of your interior? … And you only have an idea of the desired colour scheme of your bedroom, living room or children’s room? How do you combine everything in an easy, comfortable way?

In order to further widen your choice, in 2012 we added a new offer to the multitude of decorative textiles in stock - french interior textile made to order, suitable precisely for such complete home design solutions.

You can already browse through them in a special section of our website, called “Custom interior solutions”. The combination of textiles - curtains, sheers and upholstery fabrics - in a unique blend of colour schemes and designs, will give you custom made solutions for your home. Each of those fabrics could also be separately ordered.

They are waiting for you here :


as well as at our company store “Harmonia”, where catalogues of samples can be consulted for each one of those textiles.


I prefer sleeping in completely dark rooms. Do you have blackout curtains?
Yes, in our shop we offer spanish 100% blackout textiles also called...

Can you recommend a specific upholsterer?
Yes, we can provide you with contacts of upholsterers who frequently work with our upholstery...

Can I get a sample to take home with me?
Yes, samples of all textiles are offered to our clients against a...


  • SEWING of curtains, sheers, bedcovers, tablecloths
  • SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of curtain-ledges
  • Instructions on how to CLEAN the different TEXTILES