Custom Interior Solutions

Complete Solutions

Ideas for complete textile furnishing

Do you wish everything was easy, ‘ready-made’ and all you had to do was choose it? Or at least when it comes to your home interior. This is now entirely possible with BBR’s new service. From 2013 our clients will not only be able to order from our in stock variety of textiles, but also select complete textile furnishing solutions from our brand new catalogue. BBR is pleased to offer elegant home styles by French design company CASADECO. The catalogues are easy to use and our staff is at your disposal to assist you every step of the way with additional information, consultation with your choice and taking your order.

We will be delighted to be able to enhance the comfort of your home with our new French styles.
The choice is yours!

Individual Elements

Extra choice of upholstery, curtains and sheers

Are you having trouble finding the right textile for you - the missing puzzle piece that matches your interior? If you still haven’t found your preferred colour and style amongst the vast selection of ‘in stock’ fabrics BBR offers, you can always contact our staff for the ‘extra piece’. From 2013 our company has a new service: interior textiles on demand. Take a moment to review the catalogues of French home design company CASADECO and we guarantee that you will find a variety of ideas! Every textile in the catalogue (upholstery, curtains and sheers) can be ordered in our store.

Check it out – this might be your dream choice!